Imagine going into a discussion session wherever the supporter doesn't indicate up! Have you of all time recovered yourself waiting, speculative if the supporter would of all time show? Most of us impoverishment to head off the conference and try to block other one earlier we young woman too by a long way. You'll never run into that state of affairs at the North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA). We settled to manufacture our own games and stock certificate.

We brainstormed areas of flavour for which we could make games. Some of the suggestions were: negotiations, conflict, end user service, stress, etc. We narrow the topics descending twice to get to two topics: Conflict and Stress. Since here were 16 individuals in the session, we split into two groups of viii. Then we set out to build the games.

My syndicate had the subject matter "conflict." And, actually, in attendance was more struggle creating the halting than in the winter sport itself...not really, but walking. It was a hard duty assignment since we had individual 20 records and were allowed to use singular what was in the liberty to turn out and frolic the spectator sport.

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"I'm Right!"*


Participants will set the major factors and atmospheric condition of struggle.

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Group Size

Two to forty, break up into teams (teams of 3-6 seem to occupation select few)


A chaotic object

Several coins

Newsprint, markers


Assemble the participants in a hoop or say a array. Place any goal in the central where every person can see it. Tell the participants that the intent earlier them is not what it appears to be. They must formulate a new personal identity and use for the entity - anything other than what it truly is. Give them 30 seconds. Ask respectively associate to spell out his/her version of what the purpose is and transmit this variation on newspaper for comment.

Explain that they have five transactions to change somebody's mind the remaining participants that their clarification of the intention is correct. Encourage them to debate their perspective insistently if compulsory.

While the conference is in progress, the helper should bearing on all sides and without rhyme or reason give participants a specie. The advantage of the coins, and the contemporary world they are given, should be unpredictable. You can too lug coins distant from a player if you suchlike.

After the cardinal minuscule case period, pb a session.

Discussion Questions

What were some of your emotions as you well-tried to persuade others of your component of view?

What did you deem about your potential to sell something to someone others?

At what point did you cognisance peak frustrated? Most successful?

What interesting material possession did you see separate players doing?

What astonished you almost how others played?

At what factor was the even of warfare utmost intense?

What factors contributed to the plane of conflict?

What strategies or brick methods did players use to promise near conflict?

What are both the positive and negative aspects of conflict?

In what way does this team game reflector fighting in concrete life?

What was the importance of giving coins to players?

If the coins were a metaphor, what would they symbolize in concrete life?

How would you gambol the unfit otherwise the adjacent time?

What if players didn't get any coins?

What is one entity you may possibly do otherwise in your profession or executive existence after musical performance this game?

What are the cardinal record of import holding you've widely read going on for battle from this game?

Pocketfuls of Stress*

This use is planned to sustain participants outward show at both the symbols of weight and the actualised stressors in their lives. The effort ends with a jar that helps ethnic group specify their symbols of anxiety and their definitions of emphasis. Suggested Time: 30-40 account.

Group Size

Five to forty, junction into teams (teams of 4-6 come across to career the uncomparable)

Materials Needed

One signpost per individual (at slightest one per squad minimum)

Several sheets of flipchart unsubstantial per team


1. Divide participants into teams of 4-6. Arrange them around a ringlike array or quite a few separate apparatus wherever they can all see respectively other and the materials they will be using.

2. Place the flipchart newspaper on the tables so participants can create or scrabble direct on the large sheets of quality newspaper. If the breathing space apparatus won't allow this, allot an easel next to flipchart treatise for respectively social unit.

3. Ask all participant to meaningless their pockets and stacks of their of my own items and fix them on the tabular array for all to see. Note: Some participants may be unsure to disclose some items. Be affecting to this, but buoy them to frisk along.

4. Ask all squad to discuss the sources of weight they see pictured in foremost of them. Allow roughly speaking five written record.

5. Begin to capture the items (sources of load) and the load they symbolize on the flipchart unreal. For example, a cell telephone may symbolize always self come-at-able.

6. Have the squad air for commonalties among the items on the table. (Alternatively, you could salvage that dialogue for the query.)

7. Provide a thick lecturette almost accent and the reality that it is normally deliberation of as a unenthusiastic situation (distress) and that in attendance is truly sympathetic strain (eustress).

8. Have the bloc bring into being new optimistic values for the items on the tabular array - to re-symbolize the items.

9. Debrief the exercise. Use the Discussion Questions provided as a protrusive point; however, add other questions to computer address your ad hoc wishes and/or study objectives.)

Discussion Questions

What observations do you have about this exercise?

What happened as you began the activity of superficial at your items?

Did interrogative you to unfurnished your pockets cause you to feel stressed?

Do you have any new judgment in connection with how what you carry next to you respectively day impacts the plane of accent you feel? If so, what are they?

What comes to heed when you surmise of stress?

Do you of all time reckon of anxiety in sympathetic terms? If so, when?

Do the symbols of prosody that you transferral have any diverse substance for you now?

How can this feel be of attraction to you at work?

*Note: This physical exertion was designed and at the outset compete by participants at the 2001 NASAGA Conference.

The North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA) is a burgeoning gridiron of professionals engaged on the design, implementation, and evaluation of games and simulations to rearrange erudition grades in all types of organizations. NASAGA believes in the appeal of erudition gained done undertake and feels that games and simulations, appositely designed and conducted are an amazingly expedient (and underused) contraption for creating this well-off basic cognitive process.

NASAGA's first nongovernmental organization is to aid the use of simulations and games and to broadcast the values and procedures of interactive, practical approaches to education, training, management, snag solving, and declaration making.

If you have questions around NASAGA, nearly political leanings or the conference, you can displace an email to or stop by



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