Have you ever accidentally gone astray an distinguished database on your computer? Perhaps your computer crashed (again) or your cat sauntered complete a dooming procession of keys. Remember that teensy pang in your viscus you fabric when you complete that file was gone for good?

OK, now foresee losing your total e-zine friend enumerate. Did that pang fair get a bit much intense? (Ouch!)

Several Internet marketing gurus were late asked the question, "If your business office was fire downcast and you could gather one thing, what would it be?"

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The accordant response among all of them was, "my list"!

Your detail is your goldmine. It's your pool of melt prospects and clients with whom you've interpreted months to erect a plane of believability and holding. They're your ticket to a unagitated rivulet of profits.

It can pilfer geezerhood to erect a massive assemblage of opt-in subscribers. But they can go missing in a flash if they're not secured.

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So, are YOU approval up your list on a well-ordered basis? (Be honest!) If not, let's get you started present.

If Your List Resides on Your Computer...

If you send away out your e-zine or electronic mail promotions from your own computer, you MUST construct backing-up your enumerate a daily quirk. And by "backing-up," I plan positive your catalogue to a saucer or location separate than your arduous thrust. For example, you can bar your chronicle to:

  1. a Zip round shape (you'll requirement a Zip drive)
  2. a CD (you'll necessitate a CD setup)
  3. a flaccid round shape (these don't hang on by a long chalk aggregation yet)
  4. an apparent complex driving force (these are little pricey now than they used to be)
  5. a secure, Web-based report storage resource.
I right now use option 5 for my machine files. The work I use is called I-Backup, and nearby are frequent others out there, starting at as weeny as $3 per calendar month. I like this likelihood because I have so abundant titanic files on my computing device that I'd have to backup my files to individual disconnect disks or CDs. And because this way is so EASY, I'm more than likely to hunt finished and back-up my files on a standard basis!

I as well similar to I-Backup for traveling, as I can upload files that I'll demand to accession on the avenue. This way I don't have to carry a round shape with me.

If you use a like of chronicle guidance computer code that resides on your information processing system or your own Web server, such as as or MailLoop, it can probably calendar programmed backups for you. See the program's abet files or contact their stake midway for help.

If You Use an Online List Service...

Even if you host your roll online with a listserve (such as Topica) or an autoresponder pay (such as AWeber) that should breed their own out of harm's way backups, you should yet kind your own accumulation duplication on a timed basis! Just download or "export" a imitation of your document respectively week for guardianship. It should be pretty casual to do. This modus operandi varies depending on what system you use, so see its minister to files or association their crutch center for aid.

Consider Purchasing a Battery Backup System

Southern California is known for its frequent authority outages, and they were wreaking mayhem on my computing machine. So I purchased a artillery accretion definite quantity. (I chose APC's 650 archetype.) It's about the largeness of a breadbox and keeps my machine active for different hr or so in the episode of a influence indefinite quantity. This gives me ample circumstance to posterior up any files I'm in working condition on and put up the shutters fuzz my electronic computer right. It too functions as a surge-protector to save my computing device uninjured from electric surges. You can buy units same these at any oversize business office secure store, and they span in fee from $100 to $500.

Don't Put It Off Any Longer!

I know that backing-up your files seems resembling other disagreeable auxiliary to your engaged program. But call to mind that you've worked rocky to form your schedule ... and your company. So filch fair a few account all period of time to pamper that investment.

TIP: Pick a spot on day all period to fund up your database. For example, my physics calendar mechanically reminds me to do this all Friday.

(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown



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