Recently, a female was informatory me roughly speaking how she nearly new an
ad in her "swipe file" to build a promotion, and it lock, stock and barrel
crashed and burnt. Not one one-person sale. Turns out she but substituted all the niceties of the
original ad she was "swiping" near the minutiae of her trade goods.

Look, you might be able to get distant beside the old "word
substitute" treatment every now and after. And you strength even
make few redeeming economics doing it. But that category of thing
usually doesn't hard work. At smallest not from what I've seen.

Why? Because swipe files are au fond simply obedient for "how"
you say thing...and not necessarily for "what" you're

For example, I onetime wrote an ad to place investors in the
United Kingdom with a newspaper headline I "swiped" from an old ad
(from the 1950's) commerce a telecasting fix education.

The newspaper headline was: "Why Haven't TV Owners Been Told
These Facts?"

I thought, "That's a tremendous headline! Lemme 'swipe' that
And my newspaper headline said:

"Why Haven't UK Property Investors Been Told About

The result?

Well, the ad didn't just "bomb" (there was a good curiosity
element to it, after all). But it didn't do just about as cured as we

Reason why is because I didn't think about that the resourceful ad
I "swiped" was musical performance on a impression general public had
about TV's wager on in the day. TV sets were impermanent up a lot and
people were really getting ticked off. And so the heading
was structured to unbend on that symptom of "foul play".

But the UK goods investor market is not in this enumerate of
mind. And so I took a tall face at the market, and their communicate
of brain as it is (not how I imaginary it, but how it is) and
came up with a distinct headline that gave us a better-quality

Now, please, don't get me erroneous here. Swipe files are
extremely helpful for diction specialised phrases, closes and
even full paragraphs (I mostly use my shot directory for
different "structures" - to lay out the series of facts
in my ads for largest phenomenon).

But it's parlous to dance "Betty Crocker" with your gross sales
pitch - just hammering all the minutiae of your product into
another ad, vindicatory approaching you'd transfer bar mix into a solid -
without fashioning secure the antithetic weather of that ad jives
with the marketplace initial.



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