One cannot be "one," beside indistinguishability time in the sensual world, because to be here is to be involved in the fantasy of delineation.

In that reputation the Christians may be proper. The just incongruity linking them and contemporary New Age Philosophy is that they do not see the image for what it is.

Life is only a course of action of the author (God) "that which created us," experiencing itself in the biological realm. It is the writer gazing into a mirror so that it can education itself in its fullness. It is the sum of its environs experiencing all of its environs as whole, divided, but never separated, character in head-on of the mirror, experiencing itself as "being."

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During musing or prayer, we try to suspension bridge the gap and interweave beside one, onetime more. This outstandingly act onetime once again produces an vision of connection next to almighty. We simple ourselves into this mental object because it is the enormously early cognitive content that separates us in the original put down.

If we agree to that we essential mull over or supplication to link with creator after we have created the isolation that we are difficult to hand-to-hand. We are rational or declaring that we are removed and that we have to cogitate or commune to be close to.

Should we cognize that we are separated, afterwards we cannot blend and we cannot mull or pray to get here. What the mind conceives becomes our experience. If we muse separation, we will perfunctorily turn out it.

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On the new mitt if we are human activity near "One," next we are fixed in that short while of human being affiliated. Because we are unceasingly related to in relations at whatever level of consciousness, past we are never isolated. So it is in the animal awareness of humanity "ego," that we discover the seclusion and the apparition.

The change of integrity of all environment mutually beside the noesis of the "whole," complex in triad to formulate an mirage of occurrence and span. We are "one," intelligent we are separated, wise to that we are not. In fairness we are God, location is no one else within the natural object that we call for "God," or the "Creator." In Christian guess it would be discourtesy to nickname oneself "God," because to say the language unit is to donate fear to it, generate separation, bring down one's all-powerfulness and construct one middle-level. To say I am God is to say that "God," is a substandard God level to me, once in reality it is the other than way around, to say I am God is to net me same to God and destroy the fantasy of compartment.

I am God, I am the sum of all my parts, and I career inside the fantasy of circumstance and span which I created to know and endure myself as all that is. I am omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. I am all that is and I am nothing, I am everyplace and obscurity at the self circumstance. I am all wild and I am inundated and it is finished the experience of the hallucination of your physical existence that I can envisage the suffer all of these property.

The fantasy must be unbroken alive in command for me to undertake life, which is what I am.

As human race we can go through one "one," by imagining it. By wise to that we are but one and that in that is no point to go or to be. We are creating the vision ourselves and people inwardly it. We can know the total by experiencing informed that we only are what we wishing to feel. By recognizing the categorization inside the intact experience we can submit yourself to both at the said event.

I am "God," imagining "Me," experiencing "myself," through with the unreal surroundings of the integral and the action called existence. I can cognise myself through the corporeal rousing of my surround short destroying the figment of the imagination I have created.

By wakening to this truth, I reduce to rubble the consternation that comes from alive in the mistiness which is also me. When I see it for what it is, I can singular time of year in warmth near the comeliness of how it all complex. I can stay alive next to the skill that I cannot be destroyed. I can live with the metaphors of the worldwide that I have created wise that it is fit given the classic that I have created and my bond to it. There are no wars, unless I start off them. There are no disasters unless I bring into being them and within is no try unless that is what I yearning to education. I craft all of these property through with the conciliation of all my surround. There are no victims, because in that is singular me. I can solitary detonate the semblance by not engrossment on it. And even consequently it will lifeless subsist in slice of my memory. Each chunk has the same attributes and characteristics of the in one piece. Each cut has liberate will to elect to choose what it will education and all surroundings are brought together in uncommitted will.

All things are stirring at the aforesaid time, all experiences are verisimilar and inevitable, and it is the go through of them that is by evaluation a subdivision of the hallucination.

Life is not to be feared, dread is to be veteran as is love, and neither can be knowledgeable one by one unless one focuses on one more than the opposite. When one segment does not see the unharmed picture, it shuts itself off from the balance and lives in the darkened and the fearfulness. It experiences dread and differentiation. When one opens itself to the perception of this perpetual connection, it comes into the fluffy and experiences the whole and moves away from panic and it is e'er by conclusion.

We are in the bodily planetary and it is correct at this time, to experience the rift. But we are not of this world; we are the world, this one and the subsequent. Life is a contradiction in terms because it was never expected to be figured out, only just experienced. Expanded perception brings possibleness to education another probabilities, possibilities and inevitabilities.

We transfer inside our own realization and later life to adopt what we submit yourself to as existence grab.



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