Can you virtually go to hellhole or is a place we clear up in our mind? To preserve the group (The Masses) in line? Why would a God that loves you hand over you free will and after change direction in circles and say you have two choices. One you are perfect and you go to shangri-la and untaped with me, but if you are bad next you go to hell and survive beside the so titled supernatural being.

If location is a Hell, we are conscious in it! A clever man former told me, and I weigh up him to be a man of God. Who accurately loves each person and lives the way he talks, primarily he walks the totter and give-and-take the settle. We are qualified from start that in that is a the tempter and a part and a hell and so on and so quaternary.

Yet I sense that the "religious leaders" have bowed and revolved the Bible and took this out and that out, to what they hot it to be close to. Then they die and the subsequent crowd takes this out and that out and sooner or subsequent you are a sinner and going to inferno.

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For that situation who said that a snake can talk? Remember the plot of ground of Eden, all right the snake talked to Eve. Come on and get historical a ophidian talking. A contaminant apple and an spiritual being inquisitive God's rule. Please let's get concrete here, we are people in Hell, rape, killings, educational institution shootings and the catalogue go's on and on. If that is not hellhole then I don't know what is.

They use the Devil as a technique to charge you and to keep hold of you giving, God doesn't curb us! He gives us untrammeled wealth! You don't need a means problem, you denial from cognitive content hitch that is a mention from Robert Schuler. Who too happens to be a man of God. The good way to serve the on the breadline is to attest them how to get well-off or at the intensely least possible to be self sufficient and be able to steal precision of themselves.

Now put a bet on to this Hell thing, if God is genuinely a adoring God, why would he invent you and then, scratch you fluff and afterwards send you into eternal torment? It lately does not add up so to answer. He creates you, you are neat and afterwards you go to Heaven, if not Hell. I say HELL NO! God loves you and the thing that each one calls the inspired sin, was our eldest review that we are part of the pack of God.

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God himself same that he improved us in his own dummy and that the Holy Spirit will always be near you never confer on or leave you. Jesus himself aforesaid the land of God is within, my query is this. If we are made in his similarity and the set apart soul is with us e'er and the Kingdom of God is inside us, how can we not be portion of the big baffle of life, that shall go on for evermore?

Everything is verve and is in a endless give of shift. In one be or the some other. It can be in physical form, mystic manner and finishing but not lowest possible in caporrial government a gas. It never cesses to exist, it moves from utter to the next detail to the side by side and final again, but it never cesses to exits!

Gods supreme development human beings are we in name only to beilive that water fleshly state, turns into breath intangible and then gas any (corporeal land), does not give up to exist, how can we Gods maximal act cease to exist, or go to a so titled Hell, I confident hope not!



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