Annika Sorenstam has destroyed the planetary of Swedish golf game. Her dynamic, emotional viewpoint to the halt of golf has sparked the colour of youthful girls all over. By fashioning a first name in the sport, Annika has steadfastly established the diversion of outdoor game in the international of women's sports.

Lot of People are stunned to swot that Annika Sorenstam did not grow up musical performance outdoor game. She did not sight the athletics until she turned xii. As a youngster, Annika Sorenstam wanted to be a professional lawn tennis player, and avidly locomote both court game and badminton. At the age of sixteen, Annika Sorenstam realised that she would never get a pro court game player, and listed in her lawn tennis willow for her outdoor game clubs. She had begun winning course at fourteen, and fixed to track golf as her pro sport. She became so engrossed next to golf game that she would even theatre in the snow victimisation a nitid orange ball! Her goal was to one day win the reputable U.S. Open.

Annika Sorenstam arrived in the US on a playing funding at the University of Arizona at the age of nineteen. During her basic two old age of college she won 7 collegial titles. The season after her intermediate year, Annika Sorenstam was invitational to the US Open. While she did not theatre well, the request gave her the realization that she was arranged to go pro.

Annika Sorenstam started her pro calling in Europe in 1993. She did relatively in good health in this less matched market, and was called Rookie of the Year her prototypical twelvemonth as a pro golf player. During this period she as well did several tournaments next to the Ladies Professional Golf Association in the US. While she did not win any of these, she did leap fantastically well, and started to get noticed. She bit by bit began inching closer and somebody to the top. At the age of 24, Annika realised her childhood prophecy and won the US Open at the Broadmoor Golf Club fundamental Pikes Peak in Colorado.

Annika Sorenstam, on a last from her Rookie of the Year nod, became an on the spot hotshot and started deed offers from on all sides the world for her similarity and for her finesse. She became an statue and took whatever occurrence off of golf to whip a breach. After this, she re-entered the European pleasure trip and perpetual musical performance her halt. The US was her region of supremacy, though, and she prolonged her extraordinary revolution on American terrain in all uninterrupted US journey she would get in.

After her untimely success, Annika Sorenstam began to make every effort once playing in the majors, both in Europe and in the US. In 2000, Annika Sorenstam began a demanding groundwork and effort regimen, and by the end of 2001 was put money on at winning tournaments again. She again made headlines in 2003 once she declared her target to accept an asking to frisk in the Professional Golf Association Colonial golf game tournament, a traditionally all-male tract. There was untold difference about her hall into the tournament, causation Annika's entitle to accomplish headlines around the global. She did not measure up for the cut, yet inactive made a first name for herself by musical performance hostile one of the world's top male golfers.

Annika is the prototypic global women's player ever entered into the World Golf Hall of Fame. Entered to the Hall in 2003, Annika brought her trickery to the spectator sport of outdoor game and continues to distributed her weight through its sacred long-ago. Continuing to move the world, Annika Sorenstam will grownup a miscellany of Ladies Professional Golf Association measures on all sides the world and will even plan a classes in Mt. Pleasant. All of this adds up to production Annika Sorenstam a being to study in the lame of outdoor game and an hard to make out personage in all walks of existence. She is sure enough an symbol in women's sport and, of course, in sports in generalized.



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