As a former NFL player, I cognise how players wiles their teams both sanguinely and negatively. What concerns me is the mushrooming direction of players absorption on themselves instead of their unit. This is having a unsupportive outcome on the NFL and even worse, it is having a unenthusiastic upshot on younker sports players who impoverishment to simulate the ego-maniac pro players.

As administrative NFL football players, we all have distinguishable personalities. Most players have a positive and warm character and centering on small indefinite quantity their team. But, there are as well players that have macro egos and impoverishment the limelight to e'er be decided on them. These are players similar Terrell Owens and Randy Moss. As a earlier NFL player, I can give an account you that ego-maniacs like Terrell and Randy are a malignant neoplastic disease to their squad and they e'er inception much mischief than polite.

However, what really concerns me is the striking these ego-driven players are having on spring chicken. When puppylike players in junior-grade high, lofty academy and body see players like-minded Terrell Owens and Randy Moss in the spotlight and temporary look-alike coddled children, they poorness to be close to them. And to be same these players manner direction on yourself and acting look-alike a contract alternatively of focus on portion your squad. As these ego-maniac players become more and more than popular, deliberate of how this is active to result paid sports. It is active to be a malignant tumor that spreads done the NFL, trigger-happy teams unconnected and devising the NFL a circus alternatively of the supreme troop diversion of all event.

For the childly those who are linguistic process this article, I cannot anxiety enough how far-reaching it is for you to NOT act look-alike Terrell Owens or Randy Moss. Unfortunately these two players have gotten away next to impermanent like fools because they are such as fabulous athletes and the finest in the planetary. But, I can contract you that if they did not have the gift they have, they would be kicked off of their teams and not recruited to frisk for a incompatible team. Both players and coaches HATE ego-maniac players.

One of the reasons why players and coaches aversion ego-maniacs is that as the period of time wears on, a team will have umpteen ups and downs. As a player, you want to arm your social unit and do everything you can to serve it during some the ups and the downs. Ego-maniacs esteem it once their team is successful because later they can assertion they were to blame for their team's happening. However, once their social unit is not doing so well, you always see players like-minded Terrell Owens blaming the new players and the coaches for their want of occurrence. Nothing destroys a unit faster than a artist blaming his teammates for the team's dearth of occurrence. Just facade at all the harm Terrell Owens caused near the Eagles once he was blaming Donovan McNabb for the team's famine of success. Isn't it sardonic how Donovan McNabb is static on the troop once Terrell Owens was pendant and afterwards traded?

On the other hand, what coaches for institute and pro teams are sounding for are body like Brett Favre, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Marvin Harrison. These are the players who stomach out and go the largest NFL stars because they have a severe personality, they always do same professionals, they kick up your heels to back their team, and they are constructive leaders and function models for their teammates. If you deprivation to copy a pro athlete, copy the leaders, not the ego-maniacs. You will go more than farther in the NFL (or any different pro social unit), and you will be a helpful duty original for the teenaged players who someday castle in the air of playing in the pros and who poverty to be purely similar you.



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