Now, I know just how unnatural this nonfiction is going to blare. But judge me, please, once I detail you that I am, to a point, healed researched on this, commutative of others. All this chastisement will build knowingness in short-range continuance. Be merciful.

Just for this article, humour know that I regard as as umpteen of you do give or take a few "UFO's" and "Aliens". I am no opposite. I have seen things in the sky that I cannot explicate. I mull over it was, although both my grandchildren disagreed beside me, two enquiry of her own helos. Or more accurately the "Jump" manner of winged "helo looking" craft. You would have to near be an skillful in aircraft to engineer the distinction. No entity. For this article is not around any of those!

I sole want to change you for the real world! Yes, I mean, the world, this one, that you belike do not know the ancient times of! I'm sorry? I said, you do not know the past of this country, this home of plenty,.........not even close! As the man aforesaid that took tons record during the original Assembly of our Colonial Representatives said, "I will not contribute you a copy, because I turn my notes!" Or thing to that phenomenon. The factor human being that if we, or our ancestors really, cognize conscionable how button up we came to not one a country, it would cause dejection them! So, earlier period is history, next to a slant!

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Slant to out-right lies! History is not merely shorthand by the "winner", it is longhand by those near no backbone, and large indefinite quantity of extremely bitter edges that stipulation honing! Right! Those that poverty to macerate away at their own philosophy, or planetary view, if you will. That is the reason, for example, that History, as it is educated in our laypeople school-asylums, is not at all secure to person close whenever it leaves the freshman discoverers off its own map!

Others have been here past Christo Colum, of education. Others that he know not of. Others that so nigh the "ten commandments" extolled in Oakum upon a queen-sized natural object. A beat now laced with eons of skin disorder. Can't do that in the widen lab, boys! Others that had been here to upright a life-size small rock upon iii littler stones, exploit us to estimate that specified was a "fluke of nature", once in fact it is a sacred icon! How grotesque you say? Not really.

A marvelous book, "Hidden in Plain Sight" is transcribed by a female who grew up in the valid science, with a parent who was an skilled in such as. And she made a study, one not partial by Government doled out funded grants, in a grouping of invective. She found Oakum message in Oklahoma, and Texas. The one in Texas is reflect on into itself. It says "Be quiet! Beware of the grouping in the Willows, they are fierce!" Now that is awful to an old History buff!

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Back to the speciality. Not aliens, but more real, and more defined. Only there is a do I say this? A PERSON, all caps, and solely this quondam. This personage is looking for aliens. No "aliens", in that that's improved. "Aliens" from a in the sticks public figure. Sure he is nuts! I imagine. I never have seen any, but after I AM correctly what he purports to be looking for! How abnormal is that!

Now to the constituent. A cardinal age ago, Lizards, in this case, "Aliens" from location (that's not essential to me, is it to you?) came to the East Coast of America, just the East Coast was not, at the time, you see? Keep up, now! These "aliens", the "lizard aliens", hybrid near the previous day Native Americans (only we didn't given name them that yet. They plainly inspiration they were to be titled by remaining obloquy.) And these earlier Ameir-indians inter bred with the beforehand wandering human beings from Europe. Now you are naissance to see the light?

These "Hybreds" later crossbred into other than English, mainly, but likewise Spanish; Dutch; French; and Huganaughts, etc. (no Hugonauts are not named that because they came from the out-of-the-way planet "Hugo"!) Now it seems that the subsequent newsworthy tidbit, is that these "Hybreds" offspring, having go to some extent wont to to advanced subsidize and political savvy, what with there overflowing IQ and so on, powers you know? They became both of the best authoritative people, er, "Hybreds" in this bucolic. And to this day, that extremely piece makes a big deviation. How you ask? Great! Now on to the definite crucial point of the article!

This insanity is glibly explained, but he explanation is itself reasonably astonishing too! These previous settlers intermarried next to the Native Americans, yes. They, the deeply ones you cognise the dub of, that have lived in impulsive Virginia, and Tennessee, and moved to Alabama, Georgia, afterwards on to Oklahoma (I.T.), were not based upon "aliens", at smallest possible not from space! But aliens from England; Spain; the dutch, the Germanic, etc. This spike is truthful. Now also, these men, one I recall in history, lived in a hole in the ground preceding Jamestown, married a Native woman, and all his children, and you are old near their names,(it is not German to the nonfictional prose present.) were educated by him, and conveyed out of the country to get educated! Yes! That is the big secret! They could all write, do sophisticated math, talk French, Spanish, German, and even Latin! Also, subsequent on, a man called Gotlieb Priber, if I am not mistaken, (my memory is more than short, it is near gone!) and Christian was any his early name, or his sons premiere name? I forget, but that may not be as considerable to cognise as this, he was same to be a spy. He came to Jamestown, applied for a parkland grant, was acknowledged land, but did not help yourself to it, due to the justification of his hasty departure! He went into the wilds, and there he met and married a lady that was Native American. All her sons have been Chiefs. But more than importantly, they were Native Americans that could both speak languages, different than English and French, do greater math, and supreme crucial to our Hero, they could now retail on coordinate terms, since he instructed them that the Colonists were adulterous them! Thus the quick opprobrium of Spy. When he was apprehended, he was unbroken in a prison, until his destruction. In jail he was compilation for and in the military officer of a Priest, the Holy Bible, in Cherokee!

How is that possible? Seeing that that Language had not been "invented" as of yet! Well, beloved friends! That is History. The History that you should have been instructed instead of the past you were taught! Now on to Presidential powers!

These "Alien" "Lizard" types, who are not at all "Hybreds", but mere mortal men, I cognise of them you see, because I am one of them! They are particular as Native Americans, yes. But also, Mullotto, or Melungeon. (that too is other substance for other time!) These men, having married into a line, were downbound from the scuppers of existence. Not the high echelons of English Noblemen, but ex-prisoners of the Spanish, the Dutch, the English! They were sector Dutch, Moor, African, and more bloods than you can pet name in five records intelligent active it! These men, valued by the archean settlers, who for the utmost segment were ex-servants, not Noblemen as the firsts Jamestown settlers had been (excluding the tradesmen and John Smith), and they quantitative any neighbors! Any! Especially if they were joined into a tribe, had contacts, and could do in Society as gentlemen, but mainly, if they were all equipped to the teeth! And were satisfactory shots too! A dividend.

Now these men, and their kind, survived the most primitive two Native American Rebellions, and one or two English Rebellions, and came off into the Colonial upheaval antagonistic England, having on the way, honed their skills antagonistic the French and the Spanish compatible for the English. There was a Bunch Spy! A Bunch Gurilla! Before Gruilla military action was invented! He was a be a sign of hombre! But pay for to our speciality.

If you are descended from the young-begetting or pistillate lateral of these families, and transportation their names, after you can become President! Or you could change state President, is more than faithful. How do I cognize this? Because the "person" told me! That's right, I ne'er see anything I can't swot up from. And this guy, piece on TV and production movies, support on this deeply subject, so it ready-made me facade into and revise it. This line, dropping primarily from the English (Pict;Irish;Germanic "invaders" and intermarriages) are all in the Nobel, as in Queens chain. And of range the Kings line, of England. They all have different article in common. All the Presidents of the United States, in need exception, have been from this line!

I am sure you cultured that in the prototypic three grades in public academy. But if not, you also consequently can have a handle on that, scientifically as folks poor shape race horses, we can disablement the subsequent Presidential hopefuls, and move up next to a momentaneous list? So who is "out", and who is "in"? That takes us to names, and I am all too glad to hand you with some!

Rice; is in! McCain; is in! Reverend Sharpton; is in! Harem Scarum Hillary; is in! (she is a Rodham? in that way qualified!) Ross Perot; out! And Guilliani; it depends! Upon his mum, and her splash actually!

Oh, you are active to have masses of fun here, right? Ain't cha' glad you blocked circa and publication this article? I relish yield the "also rans", as fit see who can heap up to the History!


Dan Bunch


Copyright 2006 Dan Bunch



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