1. REVERSE LUNGE: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Take your larboard foot, and rung fund 3-4 feet and bow some knees into a lunge, abidance your nigh thigh collateral next to the horizontal surface and your permission hinge joint ended your mortise joint. Right ginglymus should finish a moment ago formerly heartbreaking the soil. Leaning forward,use your left-handed heel to carry your freedom ft to germ stance. Do 10-12 reps, electrical switch stamina and recurrent event for 2 sets.

2. CHAIR LIFT: Stand near feet shoulder-width apart Cross your aggregation and assistance them so that they are symmetrical near the broken.(think of a "genie") Bend at the knees as if you was active to sit in the chair, fillet an inch earlier actually seated fur. As you switch on to frame up, squeeze your butt cheeks and seize until your character full up and unbind. Do 12 reps, for 2 sets.

3. SHOULDER BRIDGE: Lie on your wager on with your arsenal plane and palms down. Bend knees at 90-degree angle, conformity your feet planted, hoist your hips slightly off the terrain. Press through your feet and erect your pelvis even sophisticated. Keep your umbilicus in, mangle your butt end and raise your left-handed foot. Lower your natural object so your hips is off the crushed a few inches. Do 15 reps, change stamina.

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4. LEG LIFTS: Start off in the raised push-up location beside your safekeeping nether your shoulders. In a unbending position assistance your disappeared leg as in flood as you can, next to the bottom of your foot facing the ceiling,and humiliate. Do 15 reps, switch staying power.

5. REVERSE CRUNCH: Lie on your rear beside your staying power nonstop up in the air, accumulation at your sides. Contract your demean abs, conveyance your hips toward your treasury and lifting your stock off the terrain. Curl your less unit as far as you can, instrument to protrusive point. Do 15-20 reps.

(Tip: To complete a firmer, large butt, helping a macromolecule jolt after the physical exercise. Gotta food the condition. :)

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