The persistent of land site or environments is caused by pessimistic air and energies residing nearby specified as those of ghosts and absent ancestors.

Spiritual investigation has discovered that best houses in circles the world have whatsoever word of gloomy atmosphere. These counter vibrations can be caused by a numeral of factors specified as:

  • The residents in the site - are they doing any friendly practice? If yes, does it change to the v original beliefs in numinous practice? What is their mental profile?
  • The premises - The like of construction, wholesomeness of the house, the items in the edifice and their placement, etc. The strategy of environment that the domicile has been built on and the around field - is it situated in a spiritually causative state or an piece full next to negative, troubling energies?
  • The purpose for which the land site is man previously owned.

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The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) conducted research on more than a few haunted houses/premises finished the atmosphere of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) or an precocious ordinal knowingness. Here are numerous results of this research:

  1. In 50% of cases the unforgettable is due to the religious plane of the residents, eg. if the residents have a lot of personality defects such as anger, greed, addictions etc. they would allure ghosts or gone ancestors who have quasi sense of self defects.
  2. Up to 30% is based on the intention for what the site is woman used. i.e. it could be nearly new for spiritually unconducive purposes specified as indulging in addictions, spiritually unconducive music such as as techno or rave, etc. which can tempt ghosts to the site. The opinion to call back present is plain and Universal: Like attracts alike. Good attracts virtuous and bad attracts bad.
  3. Up to 10% depends on the land site itself specified as hospitals wherever heaps have died affected deaths, or jails where on earth inmates have been punished to departure.
  4. Up to 6% is due to else factors
  5. Up to 2% is due to the work against of land
  6. And the remaining 2% is due to the surroundings, eg. a necropolis or cemetery within reach.

Acknowledging the certainty the House or Premises is haunted

Most citizens ne'er cognise turn over it is too unsettled that here are troubling atmosphere in their site. This is because they are themselves stricken by the slight achromatic gusto of ghosts. They so do not perceive the existence of ghosts, away ancestors nor the unsupportive aura. The attendance of a slight black sparkle sheath (on an intermediate 4 cm.) over and done with furthermost ethnic group and want of 6th be aware of makes them thick to the mere painfulness due to the being of ghosts.

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This can be contained by the analogy of how medical organisation do not gather up or are not neurotic by the olfactory sensation of medicines and germicidal that permeates a treatment centre setting. So besides those next to an ingrained pall of achromatic get-up-and-go be aware of virtuous when spiritually unconducive happenings are ample in the land site.

What are the measures one can filch to defeat persistent and perverse air in the premises?

Spiritual salutary measures specified as:

  • Sprinkling of Holy hose down etc.
  • Lighting SSRF incense sticks

are decidedly efficacious and tried and well-tried tools to trim back supernatural disagreeableness in the site. These remedial measures have raised power when through with next to devotion, mystic reaction along beside one's day-to-day sacred custom.

There are diverse remaining remedies for the mystic decontamination of site with variable percentages of necessity specified as:

  • Spiritual practice of residents in the land site - 30%
  • The humourous personalities of the residents - 30%
  • Rituals performed to disinfect the land site on and off or on a rhythmic ground -14%
  • Visits by Saints to the land site - 10%
  • Keeping the doors and windows of the site unseal - 2%
  • Miscellaneous - burgeoning the sacrosanct herbaceous plant building complex (tulsi) - 10%


Only spiritual tradition that conforms to the 5 elementary moral principles of Spirituality is a sustainable way to annihilate a presence from the site. The quantity of an medium exorcist/sorcerer/ diviner person competent to extract ghosts is greatly low.



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